We are committed to:

Maximizing potential with play-based therapy.

CLASS, Inc. is a welcoming, upbeat clinic with a nationally recognized track record of success in treating speech, language, learning, motor and social communication delays and disorders. We honor individual needs and temperaments. Learn More...

Recognizing that no one therapeutic approach works for everyone, our staff is trained in state-of-the-art treatments and the techniques of developing an individualized program for each child. We carefully examine strengths and needs. We tap into special interests to develop meaningful therapeutic relationships and ensure that the learning environment at CLASS, Inc. is a place where kids want to be. We focus on results.

CLASS, Inc. therapists are trained in various educational and therapeutic styles so that we can provide individualized, coordinated care in a single site. We carefully assess and modify therapeutic techniques to ensure the most rapid progress possible. These therapeutic techniques are embedded into fun, functional play and learning activities that entice, encourage and engage the children to participate in novel learning experiences. (More information about the critical relationship between play and learning may be found in our articles section under play.) To further enhance progress, we regularly consult and collaborate with professionals in other disciplines such as neurology, psychology, education, occupational therapy, sensory integration therapy, vision therapy, physical therapy, mental health and counseling services, among others.

Maintaining the highest ethical standards.

We adhere strictly to the ethical standards established by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA). Learn More...

In response to our proven ability to implement superior therapy to our clients, we have been selected as training center for graduate students in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences at major universities across the country including the University of Washington, Eastern Washington University, University of Southern Florida and Washington State University. Clients who participate in this partnership receive the benefit of having their program evaluated based on current research and best practice standards.

Sustaining meaningful relationships with the children we serve and their families.

The client-clinician relationship is an important factor in the success of therapy. Learn More...

At CLASS, Inc. we go to great lengths to establish rich relationships with our clients, their parents, siblings, extended families and close family friends. We encourage families to participate in therapy sessions and welcome frank conversations. We listen to your concerns, respond accordingly and celebrate successes with you. A strong partnership between our staff and your family increases the likelihood of practical carryover of learned skills to your child's everyday life.

Providing the latest and best clinical methods.

The CLASS, Inc. staff has extensive training in the most up to date research supported treatment methods. Learn More...

We implement a team approach to treatment; each child is assigned a team of specialists whose areas of expertise are matched to the specific needs of the child. Our staff meet regularly to collaborate on developing individualized treatment plans, making materials to support treatment goals, collecting and reviewing data. At the clinic and in the natural environment, we train parents, families, teachers and others to recognize everyday learning opportunities. The CLASS, Inc. team works hard to ensure that regular practice of newly learned skills is easy for caregivers to implement.

Class, Inc. In The News:

Bijou the dog "works miracles" at Tacoma autism clinic

Conveniently located just blocks off the I-5 corridor, CLASS, Inc. is welcoming and upbeat. Our services develop communication skills for home, school and community environments. We specialize in children and teens with apraxia of speech, autism spectrum disorders, language processing and reading problems, undeveloped social and play skills, sensory integration disorders and developmental delays.

“...Thank you so much for working so well with Logan. His speech is improving daily. Because of the improved speech, he is enjoying school more and he is doing much better in spelling and reading... You make him work hard, but he thinks he gets to come to speech and play!”
Kelly Bretz 01/09/09