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If providing speech therapy services to kids while engaging in playful activities, arts & crafts and social groups surrounded by a supportive team of professionals is your kind of job, look no further because we have a position for you!

Communication, Language And Speech Services, (CLASS, Inc.) is currently seeking an enthusiastic SLP or CF to join our team. We offer flexible schedules, competitive salaries, continuing education, health benefits and comprehensive CFY supervision.

If you are interested in working in a fun and positive pediatric environment located in the gorgeous Puget Sound region, please complete our online application or contact Paula Herrington, Clinic Director, by phone at: (253) 874-9300, by e-mail at:, or through the "contact us" tab on our website at: We look forward to hearing from you!

Current Openings

Job Title: Speech Language Pathologist
Location: Tacoma, WA 98402
Salary: $50.00 - $75.00 per hour
Job Type: Full-time, Contract

Job Description:

  • Join us in transforming lives of our clients and the community!
  • Enjoyable and stimulating patients for your caseload that range from young pediatrics through seniors depending upon your interests and preferences with challenges that include: developmental disabilites, ASD, AAC, neurogenic disorders and transgender voice to name a few
  • Collaborate with a fun team that is committed to your success and the success of your clients!
  • Benefit from our commitment to ongoing training, mentorship, and support that empowers clinicians to advance and excel in the field.
  • Follow your passions with financial support and professional backing for CEU's from our company that wants you to become the best!
  • Be supported by a company that puts ethics as their top priority, and fun as their second
  • Enjoy the fanfare and bonuses that we give in recognition for your hard work and dedication
  • Laugh and enjoy built-in social time with our upbeat team of dedicated professionals!
  • Promotion and advancement opportunities are available
  • Collaborate with on-site mental health and behavior therapists
  • Beautiful waterfront location and facilities
  • Abundant materials and resources
  • Luxery annual company retreat
Application process:
  • Email cover letter with resume and three professional references to
  • We look forward to meeting you!
Responsibilities and Duties:

Our therapists provide meaningful experiences and learning opportunities that focus on helping both the patient and their family improve function within their daily life, culture, values, and priorities using evidence based methods. Our team is eager to find an upbeat, self-motivated therapist who aspires to positively change the quality of lives for their patients and their patients' families. There is a great deal of opportunity at our clinic to not only grow as a professional, but as an individual as well. As a full time or a part time Speech Language Pathologist, you will conduct evaluations and provide treatment to children and/or adults in our fun, well-stocked collaborative clinic on the Tacoma waterfront.

Qualifications and Skills:
  • Master's Degree
  • CCC's; strong CF considere
  • Minimum of 1 year independently providing direct services to patients/clients
  • Washington State Dept. of Health License
  • Current CPR
  • Ability to pass criminal background check
  • Advanced training in an area of your interest is a plus
  • Bilingual speaking abilities is a plus
  • Washington State Dept. of Health Certificate, or eligibility Benefits
  • Superior financial compensation!
  • Paid paperwork time!
  • Productivity bonuses!
  • Continuing education stipend!
  • Employer sponsored stipend for professional presentations at national and international conferences!
  • Paid dues/licensure opportunity Employer funded quality health insurance plan eligibility!
  • Employer retirement contribution eligibility!

What Our Staff Colleagues Say

The clinic director, clinical staff, and administrative staff at CLASS, Inc. are encouraging and supportive; constantly collaborating as a team. The diverse population of clients and the families provide experiences that have helped strengthen my clinical skills. My time at CLASS, Inc. is shaping me into the clinician I am proud to be today and inspiring me to be an even better clinician tomorrow” Dianna Finlay

At CLASS, Inc., I have the privilege of being a part of a very hard working, dedicated, and caring team of professionals. My primary roles as a Speech-Language Pathologist here are listening to the needs of the client and their family, examining the client's skills through a formal or informal evaluation, and then addressing those strengths and weaknesses in a treatment plan. Being able to 'debrief' parents at the end of every session or include them in the therapy session attracted me to work at CLASS, Inc. The other factors that drew me to CLASS, Inc included: therapy is functional and play-based, the materials allow any sensory needs to be addressed, and I am able to continually collaborate and learn with other team members.” Megan Brandkamp

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with the team at CLASS, Inc. for three years! Paula and the staff provide services that go above and beyond to help each client and their families. I gained more knowledge, competence, and confidence than I ever thought possible. Making a difference in someone's life is a rewarding experience, and at CLASS, Inc., that happens everyday!” Nicole Ball

Speech and Language Graduate Student Fieldwork

Graduate students from colleges and universities across the country have experienced rich and rewarding internships with our passionate team of talented therapists. CLASS, Inc.'s diverse client base of infants, children, teens, young adults and older adults offers students opportunities for hands on experience in a variety of communication disorders through evaluations and state-of-the-art treatment methodologies.

Here is what previous graduate students have to say about their internship experiences at CLASS, Inc.:

  • "It was life changing"
  • "The experience was empowering"
  • "Opened my eyes to the possibilities of the field"
  • "Taught me more than I could have imagined"
  • "I feel so much more confident now"
  • "Now I know the kind of therapy that I really want to do!"
  • "Can I come back?!"

SLP graduate students who meet their college/university academic and clinical requirements are eligible to apply for an internship at CLASS, Inc. by sending a letter of interest to our clinic director, Paula Herrington at: . Graduate students must also inform their faculty advisor of their interest in CLASS, Inc. so that the appropriate affiliation agreements can be completed with CLASS, Inc.

Additional Testimonials

Our program had the opportunity to place a graduate student clinician with CLASS, Inc. for a clinical rotation in speech pathology. The CLASS, Inc. team welcomed our student, had clearly defined policies and procedures and performance expectations, and provided supervision and mentorship that allowed our student to build clinical skills and practice professional behaviors. The CLASS, Inc. team is dedicated to the profession not only as practicing SLPs but also as clinical instructors who give back to the profession. This is a great learning environment for any student clinician who is fortunate enough to be placed here.” Laura Bucknell, Clinical Director, ENMU CDIS Program

I began working as a Psychology intern at CLASS, Inc. in August 2016. At first, I was extremely nervous about jumping into my first clinical setting. However, from my first interview all the way through my time here, it has been an absolutely wonderful experience. The staff is welcoming, knowledgeable and dedicated to providing tailored clinical services to everyone who walks through the door. I have had the opportunity to observe client sessions, develop skills building curriculum, and eventually helped assist within client sessions. I am very grateful to Paula for giving me the opportunity to work with such wonderful clients and staff members, and I'm very grateful to the staff for sharing their knowledge and experience with me. I feel as though this has been an indispensable learning experience. For anyone who may be seeking either speech services or a site for internships, I can't recommend CLASS, Inc. highly enough.” Michael Huttar

I had no experience with people who have developmental disorders. I started interning at CLASS because I was curious about speech disorders. My role was to assist the SLPs in group activities, work on clinic projects with the Director, and do scheduling/logistical work at the front desk. The social groups at CLASS were especially enjoyable because I spent time with the same group of kids or adults every week I began to form friendships with them and learn how their behavior could vary each day. The administrative aspect of my internship was a steep learning curve. Every day I was given an exciting new project. After spending only a few months at CLASS, I am convinced of the joy that this profession can give, and I am very excited to continue to explore this field and similar ones in the future. My experience at with the staff at CLASS has opened a world of possibility for me and for the community that they serve!” Hasanah McCauley

Working at CLASS Inc. has allowed me every bit of pragmatic experience that I could hope for prior to attending a graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology. Being a part of CLASS Inc. has given me the confidence and tools to provide therapy and to support self-advocacy for clients who struggle with self-expression. As an intern, I observed over 160 treatments led by experienced SLPs, using different approaches to therapy based on clients' needs. I saw the value of building rapport and maintaining an unassuming, optimistic attitude. I also experienced positive relationships with families of clients, exposing me to each family's unique set of circumstances and goals. Working at CLASS has confirmed my passion to pursue a career in speech pathology and has given me a personal, interactive environment to improve my skills and show what I am capable of.” Tehreem Khokhar

Graduate School

During my graduate school career, I knew that getting quality clinical practicum experience was going to be important. The opportunity to do my clinical experience at CLASS, Inc. has greatly prepared me for the rest of my graduate school program and career. The staff are welcoming and willing to help as well as answer my questions. With access to a variety of therapy materials, AAC technology, and resources, I gained a large foundation of knowledge in working with children and adults with a variety and severity of disabilities and disorders. After my two semesters at CLASS, Inc., I felt confident and ready to move forward with my program and continue to better myself as a clinician in the field of Speech Language Pathology.

Working @ CLASS, Inc.

I worked at CLASS, Inc. for 3 years while I was gaining experience as an SLP-A and working words my full time internships for graduate school. I feel very fortunate to have worked with the team at CLASS, Inc. Paula and the staff provide services that go above and beyond to help each client and their families. I gained more knowledge, competence, and confidence than I ever thought possible. Making a difference in someone's life is a rewarding experience, and at CLASS, Inc., that happens everyday.

“...the entire staff of her school were in tears when Mally said 'Hi'...Her teacher said that she wished that they could send all of their students to (CLASS, Inc.) for 6 weeks. One of the other mother was in tears...”
Susan Armstrong April 2010