We love Bijou! We love Class Inc, Paula Herrington all of the staff and the friends we made there. There are many adults and children there, all with varying communication issues. We've made so many friendships there!

When I am asked if our two separate three week trips were "worth it" I never hesitate in saying that they absolutely were! In terms of speech and communication development and hard work on Nicholas's AAC device, the results are obvious. I always return with an ability to appreciate his strengths and to advocate for him better. But, it is also worth so much more!

Nicholas and I benefit from the clinical experience but also from impromptu group and play and in the friendships we've made! Bijou was another winning part of the overall puzzle. Nicholas adores seeing him and flexing his own independence while walking him. Class Inc. is the very best of things that I've been blessed to provide for him. We are grateful. ” Cynthia Niswonger

I would like to thank Class Inc. for the wonderful speech therapy services they provided for my son during the past couple of years. The caring, dedication and professionalism that your staff has for the children is highly commendable! When he was having trouble adjusting to Kindergarten we had him tested and found out that he was lacking in speech, language and communication skills. He would become very frustrated when trying to communicate and would act out. With the help of Class Inc., individual and group therapy he has grown into a happy second grade student. He now has the skills to communicate with his peers and adults. Class Inc. helped him learn how to cope in an acceptable and safe manner. The individual and group services complement each other. I wish that every child could participate in these programs - as I think that every child could benefit from your services!” Stephanie Croning

My son Trey has been with Class Inc. since early 2010. I cannot tell you enough of how helpful and kind Class Inc. has been for Trey. We started out with the Federal Way School District in May 09 when I was a little over 4 months pregnant. It was a long and tedious process during a time when I was having problems with my pregnancy. Trey finally saw a Speech therapist in December (after begging to get things moved along). It was not what I would consider beneficial Speech Therapy. I tried to wait it out as our son Truen was born with some issues we did not expect. I talked to Birth to Three and they referred me to Class Inc. I remember the first couple of meetings I sat in with Trey and knew Class Inc. is what Trey needed and would thrive from. I just wanted to express my gratitude to all the staff I have interacted with. Trey is improving his speech and loves coming to Class Inc. Thank You so much.” Christy Gagnier

I can't even put into words what you have meant to us, not only has Josh benefitted, but all students that I have worked with myself as a teacher.” The Sayan Family

We have known Paula Herrington as our son's SLP for over 7 years. Not only is she a wonderful speech therapist who has helped our son communicate more than we ever thought possible, but she has helped our entire family learn to live with our son's autism. Paula has an amazing ability to help families cope with this extremely challenging and frustrating disorder. She is always current about resources and regularly brings a new perspective to helping our son communicate. I truly don't know how we would manage with our son and his challenges without her. Her dedication and kindness to children, families, and her staff is truly remarkable. I would recommend Paula and anyone at CLASS for their child's unique communication needs.” Kim McLeod, April 24, 2009

The groups at CLASS, Inc. have been an important tool in helping my boys learn appropriate social skills. I especially appreciate that when the groups are formed, there is deliberate effort given to matching children together. The kids learn how to positively interact with each other through activities and cooperative play, and they also learn how to deal with conflict in a structured setting. These skills have benefitted my children both at home and in school” Angela Fish, parent

I worked for Paula for about two years as a Music Therapist in her clinic. I feel grateful for the time I had working for Paula, as I learned so much from observing her and acting as her co-therapist. Paula works magic with kids- there is no other way to describe it. So many kids that didn't verbalize at all became mesmerized in her presence and suddenly started bubbling over with things to say. But what I found really compelling was her ability to bring out the kids that were in their own worlds, to find the child within and bring them to the surface. Needless to say, she has a rare gift with children. I would recommend Paula to anyone needing help with their child's development, both speech and otherwise. If Paula can't do it, I feel confident that no one can.” December 15, 2008, Jen Hastings, Music Therapist, Music Works Northwest